September 30, 2009


When this whole "romper" fad first flared up, I was violently opposed. I thought they accentuated everything bad about most women (bulging waist-lines, camel toes, etc). I also thought they were really childish and unattractive. What's sexy about a woman in a onezie? That's what babies wear.... But as time went on, I started to develop a bit of an affection towards them. It started with a romper I saw at Betsey Johnson.

Next, I came across this lovely romper at Urban Outfitters. I tried it on (mostly as a joke) and actually liked it...

After falling in love with rompers. It was really just a matter of time before I found a sweet romper of my own. Well, good news world, I have officially found it. And I must say, I am smitten <3

I love my romperrrr!!

Okay have a good night <3

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