October 26, 2009

Hello World!

These past few weeks have been SO BUSY and it doesn't look like anything is going to calm down. Today I wanted to take a minute to talk about one of my favorite bloggers!

Lindsey, the author of Sass and Craft, is honestly someone I look up to. She has a new family, is going to school, and still manages to find time to craft AND blog about it. She makes the cutest knitted/crocheted goods, posts pictures of her BEAUTIFUL baby boy, and even throws in a tutorial from time to time (talk about dedication). So please take a minute to check out her blog. If you like what you see, and are too lazy to make it yourself, she has graciously set up an etsy store where you can get handemade goodies :).

One of my favorites is this little guy...

Have a lovely day!

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