December 5, 2009

Cold Cold Cold

Last night was SO FUN! I had a great night, honestly. I visited my brother at his school and met all of his friends. We went to the basketball game and hockey game and saw Boondock Saint's 2. It was SO DISAPPOINTING! I would advise against seeing it because it's really nothing compared to the first one :(.

In other news, I'm headed home in another TWO WEEKS! I can't wait for the warmth of Arizona. The cold here is just SILLY. Although I must say that dressing for the cold has been posing a bunch of new and fun challenges for me. I've been having a blast.

As for my crafting, I am dying for a studio of my own where I can craft until my little heart is content. I have dreams that feature shelves filled with skeins of luxurious yarns all in my home so I can knit whatever I want to whenever I want to do so. I think my next project may be to quarter off a part of my dorm room and designate it as a craft area :). Sadly, that'll have to wait until after break, because Final projects are kicking my butt.

For now, I'm working on finishing all the projects I got started then forgot about. I'm doing pretty good! As soon as I knock a few of those out, I'm going to start working on making some wall art with yarn....

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