March 13, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Parade!

I'm up bright and early and getting breakfast with my old roommates :). I have some green on (probably not very much compared to everyone else in Chicago), but green enough for mee!

For the occasion, I made an outfit that I want to wear for the big day. My roommate told me that you "aren't allowed to look cute on St. Patrick's Day" but I don't listen to her. This is what I'd be wearing today if I had the money.

Instead...I'm wearing this!
(that's one of the bows I made a few weeks ago. Green polka dots, so cutee)

I'll be sure to take some picture of the parade and the green river to share with all of you. See you tomorrow!!

3 notes:


I love that outfit :) Thats so cool you get a parade for saint patricks! In Britain we dont really celebrate it :(


what do they use to make the river green? and are the floats on boats, floating? he he, that would be cool :)


you're in britain! I'm SO excited that you're reading my blog :)!!!

And to answer mel, I'm not sure what they use to dye the river :(. The parade isn't in the river (though that would be awesome!), it's on Columbus which is about a street or two away from the lake. It was so fun!

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