March 9, 2010

Tuesday...My Monday

Today was a pretty routine day. Woke up, went to class, now I'm waiting for my tofu to drain so I can cook a yummy dinner. It is getting warmer in the city and I am so excited I can't even stand it. I'm going to phoenix for spring break in a little less than two weeks and when I come back I'm bringing all my cute spring/summer dresses and skirts :).

I wore my boyfriend jeans today and I can't even begin to say how much I love them. Here's my outfit:

scarf: H&M
top: DKNY
jeans: Pacsun
shoes: Steve Madden

I know I haven't shared this yet but I feel like I should. On the 28th of February a student from my school went missing. They found his body four days later in a river just outside the city. The mood around school and the dorms has been extremely somber because of it and we're all pretty freaked out. No one really knows what happened but it's awful. I wanted to brighten the mood in our apartment a little bit with an optimistic reminder that things will be okay so I made this:

I was inspired by Chelsea's adorable blog. I had so much fun making it and it makes our tiny living room so much more cheerful than it was before. I'm always trying to find cheap, removable ways to decorate because I'm a poor college kid.

Tonight I'm going to see Shutter Island. I'm a huge baby in scary movies but I really wanted to see this so I'm going to give it a try. Have any of you seen it yet? Will I be really scared? I hope not... I do love me some Leo though... mmmm. I'll let you know tomorrow how I feel about it :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

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chelsea rebecca

oh i love your outfit!!
how comfy do those boyfriend jeans look?! wonderful! and your garland is incredible! i love that saying! it looks better than mine! ha!


I love your outfit! I've yet to purchase a pair of boyfriend jeans but they look super comfy!


They are SO comfy. Especially because I usually wear skinny jeans. They're a nice change :)


really love the scarf, and it figures that its h&m because i have too many of their scarves already :)
sorry to hear about the tragedy at your school. i think you banner was a great idea.


I heard about that too. I was really shocked!

I went to school at Columbia AS a Photographer and it just really hit home...really.

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