April 10, 2010

I am SO excited

I took a break from homework yesterday to start a few knitting projects that I have lined up. I usually knit from patterns and make a few adaptations along the way because I'm relatively new at this. But yesterday I was feeling adventurous so I decided to work my way through a pattern of my own. I must say, I am BEYOND excited at how it's turning out. Which I guess is a little silly since it's a pretty simple cabled ear-warmer.
Here's a sneak peek at it thus far...

I'll share the pattern with you when I finish it if I think it's up to par :).

Also, I got started on revisions for a school project yesterday and I think it's going to end up looking really cool. Here's a peek at that.

Today I'm headed to my older brother's rugby game (woo! Go Foresters!) and if I'm back and have time, I'll be sure to share some pictures.

Have a lovely day!

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