May 17, 2010

In Ohio

Hey kids,

Today was another long day. I slept in because I was exhausted from all the moving yesterday but pretty much right after I woke up, I hit the road. Now i'm in Ohio visiting some family. I'll be here for a while and I was wondering if anyone knew of any great thrift stores I could shop at? I have nothing but time on my hands so I'm willing to drive a while if you think it's worth it. Anywhere in Ohio!


For some reason it always seems to rain when I make road trips. Today was no exception. The whole way here it poured and it's still raining right now. I'm an Arizona gal and since school is over and it's summer, I feel like it should be I really dislike this weather... It's bringing me down! Do you have any tips for staying positive despite depressing weather conditions?

I'm going to try to stay as regular as possible with my posting, but I'm having serious internet issues so I can't make any promises :(. Hopefully I'll get everything fixed soon!


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well, this may be childish, BUT you could dance in the rain :) that always makes me happy.


awh that is a GREAT suggestion! I may have to try it out :)


ohhhh, you are in ohio?? where in ohio??

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