June 23, 2010

Still lookin...

This post is really late and is going to be really short (my apologies).

1) I'm still looking for a graphic designer. If you know anyone or do design yourself, please email me.

2) Knitters/crocheters--where do you buy your yarn? I'm looking for somewhere that I can purchase in bulk since I seem to go through yarn so quickly. Buying it from cute yarn stores is breaking the ol' bank

3) I was supposed to go to Green tonight (this wonderful vegan restaurant), but it was closed due to a water issue in the city of Phoenix. Depressing! So I ate at La Grande Orange instead. GREAT dinner with a WONDERFUL friend.

I'll give you a real update tomorrow :)

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is it fate? i just stumbled upon your blog, and i am a graphic designer..! ha, if you still need anything you can shoot me an email: stuffyoulllove@gmail.com ..but i really just wanted to say hi! and im happy to be a new follower and love your blog:)


Mama Ventura

I loooooove Green! Did you know they are having an awesome 4th of July BBQ on Saturday the 3rd?
Glad to see another AZ blogger :) I am in Mesa/Gilbert


I didn't know that and I sooooo wish I could go. Unfortunately, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out so I think I'll be bedridden on the 3rd and 4th :(!!!!

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