June 29, 2010

Toys I Want for my Kitchen

Hey Dreamers,
I've been sitting here lusting after cooking toys and I really wish I had the kind of money that it took to build my dream kitchen. I'm saving up so hopefully I'll be able to purchase one or two of the following when I move into my apartment, but until then, I'll just have to share with you and pretend that I can have anything my little heart desires. As Dane Cook says, Dream it you fu**in' dreamers.

Yellow Kitchenaid Mixer


Ice Cream Machine

sur la table

Cooking Stone

Pampered Chef

These cutee colorful pans

Sur la Table

cupcake liners

cupcake swirl

And a new Cupcake Tray...

amazon and amazon

Since I sort of ruined mine making these...

One more day until I get my wisdom teeth taken out! Bah! I'm a big baby so I'm really afraid. I'm sure I'll be fine though :).

In the meantime... Ask me questions on formspring! I'll answer anything.


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MGS Fotografie

I would tell you not to be afraid about your teeth but i'm so afraid I have yet to schedule the appointment. Blargh. Good luck :)


hahahahha that's the advice I've been hearing from most of my friends. Those who have already had them removed like to say "well..... it doesn't hurt thaaaaaaat bad....usually" which isn't very reassuring... I hope it won't be too bad :)


Thanks for your comments on my blog, :) I love the yellow mixer. Yellow is such a fabulous color, hah my car is yellow! It just brightens up life!


I want a Kitchenaid Mixer terribly!! Ahh :). It's on my dream list!

Good luck with your wisdom teeth! I had mine taken out several years ago, and the anticipation was worse than the actual procedure! Before you know it, it will be over with! :).


I LOVE that kitchenaid! I fell in love with a solid copper kitchenaid at Williams Sonoma....too bad it's $1000!!!! Yikes!


Oh sweet baby jesus. I thought $300-500 was a little pricey. Clearly I was wrong! Cookware is just so cute and hard to resist...

Emma Jade

:O the yellow mixer and the car cupcake tray! amazing!

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