August 23, 2010

Creative Juice Zine

It's finally here! Are you ready!??! ARE YOU READY!? Okay I'll calm down a little bit...

I've been lucky enough to be a part of a fun project for the past few weeks (and hopefully for a long time to come) and it's finally time to share the details with you :).

The lovely Justine (who I mention constantly around here) approached me a few weeks ago with a fun idea to start a craft zine with some other incredible bloggers (Kaeluh, Janel, and Chelsea). We all teamed up, wrote some great articles/DIY's/recipes and put them together to create the first issue of....

Today is the first day for pre-orders so head on over to my sidebar (or below) and click the "buy now" button. The cost of the zine is $4.00 and $1.00 for shipping (100% affordable). If you pre-order, your zine will be shipped after the first of September.

And while you're clicking things on my sidebar... Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter :)! Your information is safe with me!


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