August 4, 2010

Took the day off

After these past three days, I desperately needed a day to myself. Since I work for my dad this summer and have the luxury of taxing mental health days, I did! I slept in a little bit (till 8) and got right to (crafty) work when I woke up. My goal was to try and finish some projects but really I just made progress on a lot of things. On September first I'll be bringing out my first round of knits then adding to them as I complete projects and get new ideas.

I just want to apologize for my lack of enthusiasm and posting this past week. I feel like all inspiration has evaded me and I really don't have the desire to do anything besides curl up in bed and watch Will and Grace (I got the box set a few weeks ago). Things in my personal life are going WILD right now and I'm having trouble staying on top of life, let alone blogging.

I miss living in the city and feeling (and living) a somewhat fabulous lifestyle. I feel so bland here in Arizona. Man alive! I am complaining like CRAZY on here. I promise I won't post again about my personal melodrama. When I come back I'll find some positivity somewhere inside of me to share.

Have a WONDERFUL evening/day tomorrow


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