November 24, 2010

Outfit Challenge... What?

You may have noticed that I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with daily obligations on here. While I have been participating in the outfit challenge, I have definitely been skimping on the pictures for you all which is really the point if you think about it. I really want a tripod so I don't have to depend on my family/friends/macbook to take pictures for me. I should start saving my pennies :). Anyways, here's my outfit from Saturday.

top: Theme
leggings: Forever 21
shoes: Gidigio

I loveeee this outfit. I've worn it to work before. I like it because it's not all black (like most of the things I wear) and the top is soo pretty (AND COMFORTABLE). It's really great for work because I look put together but I can still move around and be productive. It's pretty perfect :).


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