February 12, 2011

Make them a mix tape!

Saturday this month is devoted to things you can do for your loved ones. You all had to know I'd eventually suggest that you make them a playlist, right!? I threw together a quick playlist of lovey songs that make me smile. Here goes!!


Love on the List

1) Some kind of Wonderful By: Grand Funk Railroad
2) You Make My Dreams By: Hall & Oats
3) You've got the Love By: Florence and the Machine
4) You've Changed By: Sia
5) Us By: Regina Spektor
6) Tiny Dancer By: Elton John
7) Crush By: Gavin DeGraw
8) Stutter By: Maroon 5
9) Crazy for You By: Adele
10) Love Like This By: The Summer Set

This may be the most cohesive playlist I've ever made... Which really says something about my other playlists lol


2 notes:


I made a mix cd, cover and all for my boy this year! He loves Tool, Nine Inch Nails, etc etc so it's got a bit of a dark vibe to it.

1. teenagers - deftones
2. a warm place - nine inch nails
3. when you sleep - my bloody valentine
4. i'll be yours - placebo
5. beside you in time - nine inch nails
6. that's the way (my love is) - smashing pumpkins
7. minerva - deftones
8. i only think of you - the horrors

Not all of these are lovey, but they sound lovely and warm (despite some of the lyrics..).

I love yours however! That's one of my favorite Florence songs!

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That's so cool, and great idea for those, who are having same tastes of music. Unfortunately, I can't do it, because my husband likes rock and jazz, while I love to go for slow or folk music, so both of us can't bear each other's choices :D

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