April 4, 2011

Weekend Update

Hellllooo Monday!!

This weekend was pretty bland in terms of regular college students lives but I had a great few days nonetheless :). Here's a quick recap!

Worked all day, spent my evening with my friend's band watching Get Him To The Greek. Ever seen it? Shockingly hilarious.

Worked all day, spent my evening watching Monster's Inc. and finished ALL MY HOMEWORK FOR THIS WEEK! Not the most exciting Saturday night, but I felt pretty great about it :).

I slept in, made a trip to Michael's for some crafty supplies, and watched a couple movies (Exit through the Gift Shop, and Jackass 2.5). Wonderfully relaxing day before my hectic week starts again.

How did you spend your weekend? If any of you would like to get involved in the weekend update, do it! Link back up here.


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ooo sounds fun!
I had a great weekend, so I'm sharing and linking :D

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