May 2, 2011

Easter Dress

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember LOVING Easter because I got to dress up in what I dubbed my "spin-around" dresses. They were named for their spin-around quality (when I spin around, how flowy are they?) and I adored them. I guess its no surprise that I still love dressing up for Easter as well as many other Tuesdays... Anyways, since the weather is getting nice again and my brother was around, I decided to force him to snap an outfit picture for me after brunch on Sunday.

Outfit Pictures--Easter Dress

hair flower: Forever 21
top: Nordstrom Rack (can't remember the brand right now)
leggings: wet seal (from high school!)
shoes: All Black

Outfit Pictures--Easter Dress
Outfit Pictures--Easter Dress

I loveddd my top and I can't wait to style it different ways as the weather warms up.

5 notes:


Sooo cute and spring-like!

Oh and I LOVE that purse!


You look ADORABLE.


Ohhh you two are so sweet :). Ashley, the purse is Dooney and Burke but it was freeee because I bought it with store credit from a consignment shop. I love getting great deals!

ilene @ muchloveilly

this is too cute - i love your outfit, pretty lady!


This is so cute! Love the bag and the flower in the hair :) What a great place to have your picture taken too!

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