June 30, 2011

Springtime in the city

In downtown Chicago all of the main streets are lined with planters. They're pretty cool because there are a TON of them and they literally change overnight. In the winter they put neat art installations or colorful squiggly branches in them (sorry, that's the best description I could come up with) but in the springtime they're full of gorgeous flowers! Winter lasted well into the spring and summer this year (it's still really chilly some days). I was starting to feel really down about the weather when one morning, I went outside to find all of the planters full of gorgeous tulips! I snapped some pictures of them and hung them up in my apartment so I could bring some life back into my world. I know I'm a little late sharing them with you, but they're just so gorgeous that I feel like I should!!

3 notes:


so pretty! We never get to see tulips in florida :(

ilene @ muchloveilly

aw i miss chicago's tulips! these are lovely.


Lissy-- We never really had them in Arizona either! I loveeee them :)

Ilene--They are quite beautiful indeed!

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