July 10, 2011

I'm a nerd, so I'm not good at this

“She looks at her flower, which is still in its vase.
Thank you for the flower.
He smiles again.
I was hoping the moment we spent together after you found it were going to be a bit different than they were.
None of the moments in my life that I thought would be great ever have been. That’s just the way it goes.
I don’t like that.
Nothing you can do about it.
I’m nervous.
She smiles.
I want you to think that this is a great moment, a great day.
She laughs. He speaks.
I’m serious.
He takes a step forward. She speaks.
What are you doing?
He takes another step forward.
I’m a nerd, so I’m not good at this.
Another step.
Another step, he’s a few inches away, she can see him shaking, he smiles his lips shaking, he reaches for her, his hands shaking.” -Bright Shiny Morning


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Designed by Steven Andrew.