July 29, 2011


So a while back I entered a giveaway over on Bridget's blog for some great vintage swag. To my surprise, I WON. I love winning giveaways. It doesn't happen too often and always seems like such a treat when it does :). I won a great gift certificate from Jean Jean Vintage and got to pick out what I wanted with my gift certificate!!
Giveaway Swag
Giveaway Swag
Giveaway Swag
I ended up choosing this vintage czech glass necklace and it is completely gorgeous. I haven't worn it yet (slacker, I know) because it seems too special to just wear with anything.
Giveaway Swag
Giveaway Swag
Plus, how great is that packaging? I loved opening it!!

The owner of the shop is a doll and gave me free shipping and everything. If you're jonesin' for some great vintage jewelry, I would highly recommend checking out Jean Jean Vintage. For realll! Have any of you scored some great vintage swag recently?


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Umm, THANK YOU for this resource..I LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage jewelry and accessories- either true vintage, repurposed vintage or even vintage inspired....I really love it all.

Thanks for the into.
First time stopping by...DEF a new follower here:)


Carly, you are so sweeet!! Vintage can be really fun when it's done well and Jean Jean Vintage does it well :). I'm so happy to have you here!

Jean Jean Vintage

Thank you so much for this great post! I am so happy that this necklace found a new home with you!

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