September 4, 2011


"She thought about that word “capture,” how it put a writer on par with a fur trapper or big-game hunter, and how it implied that stories were whole and roaming around loose in the world, and a writer’s job was to catch them. Except of course that a writer didn’t kill what she caught, didn’t stuff it and hang it on a wall; the point was to keep the stories alive." -Love Walked In


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Sharmaine Ruth

That's such a cool photo and the quote is lovely :)


Thank you :). The photo is from weheartit. Great site for whimsical images!

ilene @ muchloveilly

what a great quote!

p.s. i was in chicago but only for a day. wish i had more time or else i would have tried to catch up with you. totally thought of you, though, girl!




Ilene: I wish you had been here for longer so we could have met up. I'm still glad you got to come back for a quickie visit. Chicago missed you.

Kenzie: Isn't it a great quote?! I'm a littttle bit obsessed.

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