September 6, 2011

Salt and Pepper Tofu

I know I've mentioned Gojee before, but I definitely need to bring it up again. This site has a collection of some of the most amazing recipes ever. This recipe, for salt and pepper tofu, is such a winner. I've prepared tofu many different ways and this might be my favorite.

salt and pepper tofu

It cooks up really quickly and I wasn't sure where I had left my camera so you're stuck with cell phone images, unfortunately. The recipe page has MUCH better images than I do, so look at it for a better representation of this dish :).

salt and pepper tofu

Next time I make this I'm going to SERIOUSLY cut down on the amount of salt. The flavor was amazing but the salt was overpowering so I would definitely recommend using less of it. Unless you're some sort of salt fiend. If that's the case, salt it up my friends.

Today is my first day at my new internship! I'll be packing up a lunch and learning all about the great big world of branding. Wish me luck!!


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good luck with the internship! I'm in my second year of my marketing degree, I hope I get as many opportunities as you do!


Thank you!! I feel like there are soooo many opportunities in marketing right now but I also realize that I live in a giant city that is known for its marketing haha. Good luck with your degree!! We'll have to talk marketing sometime :)

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