September 2, 2011

Winter is upon us

September hit yesterday and everyone is positively giddy about the cooler seasons that are right around the corner. I keep reading about scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, and snuggling in front of fireplaces. While I love the idea of fall, in reality it fills me with this horrible, all-encompassing dread.


Fall is short and immediately after this season, we are hit with winter. Winter is brutal and unforgiving. You only leave the great indoors if you have no other option and the harsh cold seems to go on forever. In Chicago, it actually goes on forever. Last year I wore a heavy coat for EIGHT MONTHS STRAIGHT. To me, that's just too much. One blogger put into words the EXACT feelings I've been having so I thought I'd share...

"When I first moved to the East coast after living in Cairo, I was unused to seasons and did not like them. Every September I would panic and begin to feel paralyzed when I anticipated first fall, then brutal winter where ice, snow and cold enveloped my world. I anticipated these changes so far in advance, imagining the very worst winters and muddiest springs, that I made myself crazy." (Communicating Across Boundaries)

In her delightfully insightful post, Marilyn goes on to say that winter is generally far worse in our imagination than in reality. I tend to be a "worst-case scenario" kind of gal and the changing of the seasons is no exception. I can almost feel the wind throwing snow and ice into my face or the cruel chill that lingers in your spine long after you've found some warmth and it sparks this intense anxiety in me. I don't want to dread the changing of the seasons though, because change can be often be good. So this year, I'm going to try to take it one day at a time. I decided to make a list of activities I look forward to in this coming season to help myself stay positive this fall.

-More time to sew
-Pumpkin Spice Lattes
-My last fall semester...maybe ever!!
-Making really chunky scarves
-Wearing tank tops under coats
-Wine and movie nights with my roommate
-Watching the leaves change color and fall
-Football games
-Wearing darker colors
-Reading a pile of books beside a fire
-Cooking comfort food
-Wearing sweaters

What are you looking forward to this fall and winter? Did I leave anything important off my list?


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i like fall, but i feel the same way about winter! i'm in indianapolis, so i think we both got the same ice storm last winter. UGH.

so fall... looking forward to wearing boots, scarves, and having bonfires.

winter... not looking forward to. at all.


You comment cracked me up. We definitely got hit by that same storm last year and it was MISERABLE! Bonfires sound awesome! I wish we had somewhere to do that in the city.


I'm looking forward to boots and piles of blankets on my bed, to cuddle and watch movies as it rains, with some hot coco!
Hurry, mother nature!

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