October 26, 2011

A Music Post - Shaggwell... Shagg-very-well!

When you go to an art school you end up meeting some really talented people. For example, I have a friend named Shelby that I met in one of my fashion classes that makes some of the most amazing garments I've ever seen. Sistuh is going places. Another friend of mine is a really talented photographer and I've been lucky enough to know her since high school (Hey Emiley!). Even though those ladies are wonderful, this post is not for them. This post is about Shaggwell...

(image via facebook taken by Aimee Reatherford)

One of my favorite friends here in Chicago formed a band with some guys he met in his classes last semester. What started out as a few talented students getting together to play great music turned into these same guys recording their first EP and now playing gigs around my wonderful city.

I had the pleasure of going to their first live show over the weekend and was blown away by their incredible sound. After the band finished their set a girl at the bar asked if they could come back and play for her birthday. Another audience member took a quiet moment between songs to shout out "Shagg-VERY-well" which was definitely my favorite quote of the evening. And the best part? They just released their EP and you can download it right here!!

I'm certain my friend will make fun of me for saying this but their tunes are great for those nights I'm home alone and need something to sing along with while I dance around my apartment.

Do yourself and your ears a favor...download Sex, Love & Progress EP.


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Rae Veda

I can't wait to listen to them. Thanks for sharing. xo, rv


Sharmaine Ruth

I am loving all these bands I'm finding from bloggers! They are great :D

<3 Sharmaine Ruth


I hope you ladies enjoy :). I think they're pretty great so I hope you like them too!

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