November 8, 2011

Saturday Stripes

Over the weekend I had some fun with one of the trends from this season -- over the knee socks. I found this pair of socks in my drawer and realized that I had never actually worn them out. Generally I pair these bad boys with some old gym shorts and a T-shirt. If that's not style I don't know what is ;).

cat in the hat socks

glasses: SEE
scarf: Urban Outfitters
top: Forever 21
cardigan: Gap
skirt: Nordstrom
socks: Target
shoes: Steve Madden

cat in the hat socks

I can tell that this trend is going to be a favorite of mine. I want to buy a few more pairs in varying lengths and colors so I can play with them.

Have any of you rocked the over-knee socks? How do you feel about them?


5 notes:

Sharmaine Ruth

you look soo cute! and I actually like the knee socks :) i'm a sucker for them!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

ilene @ muchloveilly

so cute! love the glasses and the striped socks!!!


Oh you two are so sweet :)! Knee socks are so fun, I'm glad you guys agree!


CUTE! I love the outfit you put together to wear them with! I keep buying them but haven't actually worn any yet!


I'm never brave enough to wear them, so they're reserved for wearing under my jeans when its freezing! Love the way you've worn them here.

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