January 13, 2012

Kick-Ass Winter Salad

I don't really like salad. My whole life my mom has eaten some form of salad almost every day for lunch and some of my favorite childhood memories involve stealing pieces of veggies out of her salad as she was preparing it. Unfortunately, I didn't exactly adopt her habit into my own life. But when I was home over winter break I saw my mom making her usual salad for lunch every day and it suddenly seemed really appealing.

Winter Salad

If you aren't a salad lover but you want to be, I'm here to change your life ;).

What you'll need:
-red beets
-dill pickles
-a tomato
-an avocado
-dressing of your choice (I used balsamic vinegar)

How do to it:
1) Boil your beets. This takes about an hour. You'll know when they are finished because you'll be able to insert a fork easily. I prefer my beets to be cold so you can do this step the evening before or even a few days before you prepare your salad. When they're boiled just store them in the fridge!

2) Roughly chop your veggies and tear your spinach into small pieces. Mix everything together.

3) Drizzle the salad with your dressing and top with a pinch of salt & pepper!

Today was the first day I tried to make my own version of my mom's salad but this week I'm going to keep adding ingredients for the best flavor. I have a few oranges in my refrigerator that might spice this up. I also have some fennel and onions. Maybe they'd make a delicious contribution to my lunch?!

My mom can be so proud me today. I've taken the first step towards being a salad girl.

3 notes:


I'm not a fan of tomatoes but that salad looks delicious!


I always love your foodography! along with the recipies

Rae Veda

That looks so delicious. I love the photo. The sunlight is hitting the salad perfectly. Have a great week, Mal! xo, rv


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