February 13, 2012


I don't use my camera nearly enough so I want to start a new feature in hopes it'll force me to get my camera out more often. It's called minutes and I'll just share snaps from the little things I do during my week. Feel free to join in!
Garden Windowsill
hand door-knocker
deviled eggs
planting a little windowsill garden, an interesting door knocker in lincoln park, lipstick stains on pomegranate green tea, deviled eggs with an olive tapenade, an old fashioned board game, homemade butter pecan ice cream


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life as {Twiggy}

I like this new feature! Taking photos and sharing them on my blog has been fun and you're going to love it. Your flower photo is so pretty! and door #8... please tell more! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how unique that is :)

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