February 6, 2012

January Goals (And Looking Ahead to February)

In January my goal was to create more. My three main goals were to create a painting, finish a knitting project, and create something to give away. I'm really proud of myself for finishing ALL THREE!!

I have a whole post dedicated to my blanket as soon as I have the chance to photograph it, but here's a sneak peek. I'm so so so in love with it.
knit blanket

I painted this abstract little fella for my bathroom. The wall was so empty and the poster I had originally hung there was getting ruined by the steamy showers I like to take. I love it because it matches with my shower curtain.
bathroom painting
bathroom painting
I'm in a letterpress class right now and we have to create prints for the whole class when we do projects. I don't know if this is cheating on my goal but I am pretty proud of the prints I've made so far and I'm happy to share with my classmates so I'd say it definitely counts as my third goal :)!!

February is dedicated to my relationships. I want to spend time with my wonderful friends and experience some new things. My specific goals are listed below and I'm excited to say I've already gotten a jump-start on two of these goals!! I think I might try to letterpress a birthday calendar. Hopefully I'll have the time!!!

-create a birthday calendar for friends/family (or buy one!)
-make quality time a priority (aka schedule "work days" and "social days")
-say "yes" to positive social outings

You might also remember that I made a commitment to quality this year. I'm working on some posts that go along with that goal and I cannot wait to share them with all of you.

Have you set any goals for this year? How are they coming along? Have you been blogging about them? I'd love to read about what you're all up to!!


7 notes:


your creations look AMAZING, I seriously love them! You did great!
I'd love to create more things and blog about them but I'm feeling really blah about blogging at the moment. :\


Oh my goodness you are so sweet. Your comment really just made my day :)!! I think sometimes a blogging break is necessary. Just come back when you're feeling inspired :)!!


I love the painting you did, it matches your shower curtain perfectly!


Thanks Ashley! It was really easy :)

Rae Veda

Oh my gosh. I am in love with your blanket. You did a wonderful job! I'm so jealous you're taking a letterpress class right now. That is my dream. I want to find an old letter press machine so badly. xo, rv



Thanks Rae!! If you can find somewhere to take a letterpress class I would take advantage of it even if it's expensive. It's honestly been the best experience!!!


Pretty bathroom! i love the painting to match the shower curtain :) xo

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