October 22, 2009

Rain Rain....

Welcome to Chicago everyone. The weather is so fickle. Early in the week it was t-shirt and shorts weather...and now? I'm digging my parka out of my closet. Today was sort of a catch-up day for me because I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed this past week (thus, the lack of posts after I promised to be better about it!) I got a bunch of homework done today--lots of sketching and whatnot, gotta love art school eh?--and then spent a little bit of time crafting!

I bought the most beautiful Alpaca yarn from my convenient knitting store and I'm knitting a beautiful scarf out of it. I wanted to do a fun/quick knit and what's easier than a scarf? I'll post some pictures of it soon :).

In the meantime, look at these pretty designs from the Giles Spring 2010 Ready to Wear line. I love the color story and the shapes in the dresses. Spring is going to be great!

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