December 11, 2009

thank god!


(I can't get enough of this hat. I wish it was mine but, sadly, I borrowed it from a friend and must return it. Maybe I'll figure out how to make one of my own. Also, how do you feel about my new glasses?! I love them!)

We're on day three of Malori's gross cough here in Chicago so I'm staying in yet again. Today my slight sickness proved to be beneficial because I knocked out a lot of my homework :). Now, to reward myself (and you!) I'm going to start knitting!!

I finished my hat (that I made with my bulky yarn) and I'm not a huge fan... I don't like the pattern I used very much :(. But that's okay! That's how you learn, right??

Here's a picture, how do you feel about it?

It's REALLY cute from the front, but when the stitch pattern changes it looks SO GOOFY! Maybe I'll throw a pom pom on top to cover it up, I'm not sure yet.

Hmm....I think that's just about all I have to post about today. I'm headed home in ONE WEEK and I am so excited. Winter here is nice, but not nearly as nice as the BEAUTIFUL weather down in Phoenix.

Have a wonderful Friday

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Hey Malori! It's Jessica Jones from How About Orange. I'm happy to tell you that you're a winner in the JetPens $25 gift certificate giveaway! Please send me your email address so the company can email you the gift certificate code. Congratulations!

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