May 22, 2010

Had a Lovely Day!

Today I FINALLY made it to Nina knitting. I can't describe how much I adore that store. It's a little bit ridiculous. I bought some yarn to make a baby beanie (for a friend) and some really fine yarn so I can experiment with hair flower sizes. I'm quite excited.

(outside nina...RENEGADE KNITTERS)

After Nina, my friend Eric and I walked around and popped into a few other stores. While I was flipping through a rack of clothes, an extremely vicious hanger lashed out and CUT ME OPEN! There was blood EVERYWHERE. (See below)

When I finally found a napkin to slow the bleeding (okay so it really wasn't that much...), we stopped into Renegade Handmade and had a blast looking at all the cute handmade goodies. Eric bought a chocolate mustache but I left empty-handed. I'm trying to control my spending!

Tonight is one of my good friend's birthdays so I'm going to be a college cliche for a few hours. Then it's back to my regular self :).


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Emma Jade

:( sorry about your hand! The knitting shop sounds so cute!

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