May 15, 2010


Last night was wonderful :). I wrote a bit in my journal, watched a great girly movie, and knit up a scrumptious scarf. I can't wait to wear it!

(not the best picture quality, but you get the idea)
Speaking of picture quality, my wonderful dad bought me a new canon rebel. I can't WAIT to get it and start using it. I'm sure you'll be tortured with a billion pictures that I take with it. My apologies in advance.

Tonight will be pretty much the same as last night. I have a few more things to put in boxes, one more unwatched movie from netflix, and plenty of yarn to keep me occupied.

Tomorrow is my official moving day. It's happy and sad and a whole lot of work. I already miss my friends who have left :(. Come back to meee!!


2 notes:


You are going to love your Canon! I can't wait to see all the photos that you will be taking with it.
Yay! for no more photo booth photos!


Oh, how I wish I knew how to knit! :). Super cute! Enjoy your new camera!

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