May 10, 2010

Sick day :(

My body most definitely hates me. I seem to get sick at the most inconvenient times...

Aches? Check
Fever? Check
Chills? Check
Sore Throat? Check

I got it all kids! I couldn't be less enthused. I still have oodles of work to do for finals and too much packing to accomplish. So my plan is to just stop being sick, and be awesome instead (how I met your mother. Anyone?)

In the meantime...I moved my bed to the living room and I've been watching hours and hours of tv and movies. I'm going insane,keep me entertained! ask me some questions, tell me what you do to keep yourself entertained when you're sick, or maybe just think healthy thoughts for me :).

Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow when my last week of class officially starts!

UPDATE: I went to the doctor and found out I have strep throat. Also, THE PILLS ARE AS BIG AS MY EYEBALLS! WHAAAAAT??!


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Oh no! :(. I hate being sick, I hope you feel better soon!

I usually watch movies, catch up on blogging, read, and take lots of naps!

chelsea rebecca

i am so sorrry!!
hope you get better soon!!

i am feeling super sick too.. maybe its just exams. haha!


Aww I hope you feel better really soon. I don't want strep throat anytime soon those pills look foul!

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