June 3, 2010

Coffee shop... And I'm not alone

I brought my baby brother with me today to reap the benefits of coffee house wi-fi. I am thrilled to have him around. We're hilarious.

All I have on the menu for today is spending time with this hooligan child and the rest of my family. It's so refreshing. The past two weeks have been horrible emotionally so I'm really excited to see the people who love me the most. Also, I'll be headed to Phoenix in four short days. I can't wait :).

Did you notice the new layout? I was feeling so cluttered so I gave everything its own page. I feel a LOT better about the situation now. There will be more changes soon. For example, if you check out the "show your sugar" section, I added a bunch of new buttons. Expect more little changes, and fun things for you soon.


2 notes:


I like the new pages!! :)
and I linked u to my website :D


Thank you so much! I'd love to link back to your adorable blog but you don't have any buttons. Be sure that I'll be following though :)

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