June 15, 2010

A few things...

1) I am absolutely addicted to Zoyo's frozen yogurt. Why do you have to be so delicious Zoyo...WHY!?

2) It's so hot that after I went to lunch today I had to change clothes because I felt so sweaty and awful. Too much information? Maybe. But perhaps you can feel my pain now...

3) I finally found a craft that I wanted to do, and by golly...I DID IT! Look how beautiful these flowers are! They're GIGANTIC (or small depending on how you make them) and SO EASY and BEAUTIFUL!! I want to make garland but I have absolutely nowhere to hang it. Will that stop me? Not a chance. If you want to make your own, you can find the tutorial here. And if the flowers aren't your style, I'd still recommend checking out her blog because it's absolutely adorable.

4) I found a company that will create labels for my creations, but I'm far too poor to afford them. I would love to do a fundraiser of sorts but I'm not quite sure what I should do. Any ideas?

5) I start work tomorrow for my dad. I love having a job and I can't wait to make some money. It won't be much, but I'll be able to save up towards my tags!


3 notes:


Hey Malori- did you ever consider making your own? I found a tutorial that you might want to look it...that should save you some big bucks instead of having them printed (am I thinking of the right kind of label?)
Here is what I found:


that tutorial is AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are rapidly becoming my favorite person.


Awesome! I just love being one of those creative go-to kind of people!
If you ever need anything you just let me know!

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