July 27, 2010

On a bit of a mission

Hello world,

(we heart it)

This past week has been a whirlwind (I think I say that a lot. Maybe most of my weeks are whirlwinds?) I have had a LOT of my mind and I'm headed towards making a couple HUGE decisions that are going to really change the direction my life is heading in right now. It's really rather terrifying being a young person. There is so much pressure surrounding everything you do. Sometimes it's pretty overwhelming. Regardless, I've been pretty scattered and journaling about a billions pages a day so I can sort my thoughts out. So much going on!
I was going to share about some of them but I realized that the tone I like to keep on this blog would be really different if I started making things TOO personal. I'm big on privacy (it may not seem like it) and I like to keep a distinct line between appropriate sharing and inappropriate venting on here.

On a more positive (less crazy) note, I have been slowly (but surely) scratching things off of my to-do list. It feels SO good. Tonight I'll be finished with my middle school blog journal, and I'm going to clean my room because it is a DISASTER. I don't have anything fabulous or exciting to share today (my apologies) but I'll be back tomorrow with something better. Blame it on all these decisions I have to make right now!


2 notes:


Yay! It's nice to find some on my blogger my age. Doesn't it feel like every decision right now is so crucial to our future? Ah college.


Oh I love meeting other people my age here. I feel like pretty much everyone has kiddos or at least husbands. Way to rep being young and unattached with me ;)! But yes, college is so stressful. I love it, but I could do without some of the pressure.

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