July 9, 2010

So maybe Arizona is a little beautiful...

I complain a lot about Arizona, but sometimes it's ridiculously beautiful. I found out two days ago that I'm stuck here for another month and I'm really bummed but trying to stay positive. I found a beautiful place to live when I go back to Chicago so I have that to look forward to. While I'm stuck in Arizona, I'm making a lot of money working for my dad and saving it all so that I can afford groceries, books, and art supplies in the fall. Like I said, I'm trying to stay positive, but right now I'm not really feeling too positive at all. But back to the point! Today I babysat for a precious little pumpkin and couldn't stop taking pictures of the sky. We played in the backyard because it was cool for an Arizona summer day and it was so pretty. (Sorry I rambled a lot in that paragraph)

We never get clouds here, so when they sky is full of these crazy fluffy things, I get excited.

I have a quick and super easy DIY coming tomorrow. See you then!!

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Come visit me in CA, we can have a knitting/crochet party :)


oh that would be soooo fun!!!! I wishhh. Alas, I am rather poor and trying to save my money for the fall :(

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