August 8, 2010


I stopped doing Sugar on Sundays a few months ago but I have a bit of news on that front. My fantastic blog friend Justine is helping me create a fun monthly newsletter for Jacques and Jill/Sunday Morning Sugar. I'm so so excited. It will feature information that is not available on the blog. It's going to include things like recipes, special deals, information about shop updates/sales (before anyone else knows about them). It's another way to get in my head. Plus, it's going to be ridiculously adorable (thanks to Justine). I will still be giving you a weekly quote and photo here but once a month you will have the chance to get a little somethin' extra!

"Well sometimes I miss you, Sometimes I don’t,
And sometimes I’ll admit that, And sometimes I won’t." - Daphne Willis

'I Miss You'- by Colleen Baran (me)


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aww that little stamper ring is adorable!

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