September 14, 2010

My day off

Tuesdays are my day off from classes but my empty days generally end up being more busy than those that are scheduled. I visited a part of Illinois that I absolutely adore but can't tell you about because the reason for my visit was something of a secret. Suffice it to say that it went very well and I have a lot of big decisions to make now. Anyways, instead of sharing about my day today, I have a few pictures from a walk I took the other day with my friend Ben. Poor kid isn't a huge fan of walking but lets me drag him all over the greater downtown Chicago area.

We spent some time checking out the boats then walked to Navy Pier (I don't have any pictures of Navy Pier) which I love :).

There was a weird thing going on with the birds and this guy was feeding them which just made more of them come over. It was really odd but pretty amusing.

Also, has anyone seen these ads? I think they are hilarious and pretty successful considering I'm really curious about this movie because of them.


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