September 24, 2010

Today was all kinds of fun

I got up bright and early (much like the sun) and went to my sewing class. I live in Chicago where the weather is fickle but apparently I'm stupid and looking out the window to see that it's raining is far too much work for me. Luckily I was dressed mostly appropriately... I mixed patterns and I feel like such a rebel that I took a picture to share with you :).
I'm done with class every day by noon so that leaves me with gaping expanses of free time. I like having some down time but not this much. I'm starting to go a little crazy. I really need a job but no one seems to want me (I've applied EVERYWHERE) so I'm having to find other ways to occupy myself. I've been wanting to try out Sweet Mandy B's ever since I read this fabulous post over at Much Love, Illy. So when I got out of class today, my friend Jason and I headed off to this lovely little cookie shop.
I got the molasses cookie (two of them...) and a confetti cookie. They are GIGANTIC!
Don't worry, I only ate half of it and took the other two and a half home for later :). Their cupcakes looked fabulous as well but I decided I'll have to go back another time to try them out. If you're ever near DePaul (or in Chicago in general) I'd suggest trying out this sweet little place. SO GOOD!

After we got my cookies we drove around trying to find a place for Jason to eat (how cute is he? Seriously.) and stumbled onto Franks and Dawgs.
Just looking at the sign I knew I'd enjoy this place.
They have all kinds of hot dogs (many made in-house) and are served in a variety of unique ways. I had already eaten a sandwich for lunch but I couldn't resist grabbing a dog. It was DELICIOUS!
I will absolutely be back for more.
Eating is one of my favorite things to do in Chicago because there are so many fabulous places to discover. I'm going to start bringing you more reviews of the restaurants I experience here in my wonderful city. I'm also going to try harder to tag my posts because I'm really terrible about doing that.


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Oh sounds like such a fun day!! I need a sewing class...I want to learn how to make clothes mainly wedding dresses. I wish I had one of those bakeries by me...I'm sooo hungry and those cupcakes and cookies look amazing! Ha and nice picture Jason :)

P.S. I have a giveaway going on at my blog from my sponsor, I would love if you came to check it out :)


Ah! So much delicious food. I want to eat it all (I haven't had lunch yet & it's 3 - I'm starving).

I'm glad you commented on my blog, because it's always awesome to "meet" another Mallory/Malori/Mallorie/etc.

ilene @ muchloveilly

hey!!! this was too much fun to read! you are making me want one of my fave cookies ever. i loved this post. it helped me out with some of homesickness. ;)

have a lovely weekend, malori!


sweet mandy b's is wonderful. there snickerdoodle cupcake is to die for

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