October 15, 2010

Birthday Giveaway!!

I shouldn't get to have all the fun on my birthday weekend...right? In honor of the end of my teen years (yup! I'm going to be turning TWENTY) I decided to host a little giveaway for all of you. I decided to give one of wild olive's patterns (totalllyyyy stole this idea) because all of the sales from her shop this month go towards a fabulous cause. You can read more about it on her blog.

I'm giving away this happy birthday pattern set...
And your choice of one other set from her wonderful shop!!

"Wow Mal, this is great", you say. "But HOW DO I ENTER!?"
Well kids, that's a great question. You can do any combination of the following!

1) "follow" my blog
2) tell the world!! Blog/tweet/facebook/run around naked on the streets yelling. It's really your call.
3) comment below and tell me what kind of post you want to see more of and what kind of post you never want to see again

If you do all of the above, please leave me separate comments for each entry so I can keep track. If you blog AND tweet AND facebook AND run around naked I'll give you an entry each for those acts of love. Again, be sure to leave individual comments for each entry and link to the blog post/tweet/etc.

I'll be back later today with a real post. Happy Friday everyone!!

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Ashley Cauthen

you're completely precious. i hope you have the best birthday everrrrrr!!!


follower :D



I'd love to see any posts. There is no post that I don't enjoy. I love this blog. :)


I'm a follower!

Happy Birthday! :)


I'm a follower! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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