October 6, 2010

Fall Favorites Part Three

So today I'm going to share part three of my fall favorites. This installment is all about cardigans. In Chicago it gets pretty cold (betcha didn't know that) and winter is terrible mainly for the following reason. After walking against the brutal wind for a few blocks and freezing your ass off (literally) you walk into what feels like a SAUNA and have to immediately remove all of your clothes unless you'd like to pass out from the heat. It's awful because you have to dress so that the cold outside doesn't end your life WHILE KEEPING IN MIND that it's SO UNCOMFORTABLY HOT inside that you may as well wear booty shorts and a bra. Enter, layering.
Last year was my first real winter and I learned a lot about living in a cold place.

My winter staples ended up being:
-a pair of black suede (fake) boots that hit just below my knee and looked killer with a pair of skinny jeans.
-Skinny jeans that could be tucked into all my boots
-A tee-shirt or tank top in a vibrant color (usually black. Who am I kidding?)
-A cardigan
-A handmade scarf
-Some type of coat...A very very warm coat

Pretty much every day last winter I wore some variation of that outfit (exchange some accessories here and there) and it did me well. Due to my winter uniform, I developed a new and unusual love for cardigans. I want them in every color, pattern, style, and length so that I can pretend like my daily uniform is something fabulous and thought out. I know I claim to want to have cardigans in every pattern but I'll tell you the truth... I usually like solid colors because then you can layer fun accessories without looking too busy or trendy. I picked out some cardigans on polyvore that I'd love to own for the coming season. I believe if you click the picture it'll tell you where to find them but I'll warn that the majority are WAY more expensive than I want them to be.


2 notes:


We seem to have the same fall style! I love cardigans and boots during Fall and Winter. People don't wear coats very much here in AZ unless you are somewhere where it actually gets cold (not me however) so I'm not sure if I will be buying a new one this year or not.

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