November 9, 2010

Day Four

Man oh man these pictures get more awkward as the days go by haha. I have to work today and I still have no clean clothes (had to wash some unmentionables in the sink yesterday. desperate...) so I don't have much to work with. You'll also notice through these 30 days that I wear red, black, and gray pretty much every day.

skirt--forever 21

It's been SO SO warm in Chicago these past two days (and is supposed to stay that way all week!) so I decided tights/leggings were unnecessary. I want to enjoy the warmth as long as it's here!!

I'm off to work. I'll be back tomorrow.

3 notes:


so cute! :)

ilene @ muchloveilly

love the skirt! it must be warm there - was surprised to see you not as bundled up, friend! :)


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