November 7, 2010

Day Two (and Happy Sunday!)

My washing machine is still broken (I officially have three pairs of clean underwear left) so I'm having to get really creative with my remaining clean clothes. This is what I threw on this morning...

scarf-- Jacques and Jill
top-- forever 21
skirt-- forever 21
boots-- steve madden

I'm already having a blast with this challenge. If you're participating please leave your link below!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a little book review :)

6 notes:


that outfit is SUPER cute! hahaa
i wish i could get creative with my clean clothes...i wear the same things over and over

ilene @ muchloveilly

love the red skirt!


TMI BUT, going commando isn't too bad. haha. :)


HAHAHA Justine!!! I may have to resort to that. I'd rather not go down that road but I don't have any other choices!


oh, college memories! I remember not having clean undies. I also remember hand washing them in the sink and hoping it will dry over night! I loved it all, its the little things you will remember! Enjoy it all, dirty panties, everything!!!


you look awesome:)

Love this outfit! so chic and effortless

Lots of hugs

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