November 2, 2010

A Little Shameless Promotion

My friend Trevor is a wonderfully talented musician. I've gotten to see his talent grow for such a long time and through various bands (thirte fs and Raining & OK) and watched him play in church for years. He's one of the sweetest people I know and I am so excited to promote his newest project, Spells. Right now he's trying to raise money to record his first EP and he needs your help!

If you go to this website you can preorder the EP which means you'll get it before it's actually released and with extras that won't be available to those who don't pre-order. I can assure you that all of his previous work was amazing so I have no doubt that this project will blow your mind.

This is my favorite song from his last band. If you aren't familiar with Raining and OK you should check them out after you help Spells :).

If you end up contributing to his project with a pre-order email me and let me know! I have a special gift for anyone who lends their support.


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