January 12, 2011

Easy A

After countless people telling me it was imperitive I see Easy A immediately due to the fact that the main character reminded them of me, I finally broke down and rented it. I have a few things to say.

1) I would have to agree that Olive and I have a LOT in common. Our sense of humor, endless sarcasm, and even general mannerisms are almost identical.
2) This movie was HILARIOUS. Of course, it's possible I think that because of the shared sense of humor as mentioned above.
3) I now need to own this movie. So it has gone to the top of my "things I'm allowed to spend money on" list

Have any of you seen Easy A? It's not toooo chick-flicky/highschooly for a high school chick flick. Think mean girls scarlet letter style. It's a top notch movie! If you have seen it, what did you think?

7 notes:

No Model Lady

I loved Easy A and if you're anything like Olive, then I bet I'd love you too!


I loved it!
It was twist after twist and I found myself saying "WHAAAAT!?" and "NO WAY!" after a lot of things that happened haha


I've seen previews for it. I must go check it out now.

heather dawn

LOVED EASY A! I laughed so hard at the movie! I loved the humor and the style of everything! It's on my MUST own DVD list now too!


I feel partly responsible for this. Love you :)

kelsie marie mcnair

i thought this movie was really hilarious too! nearing mean girls status!

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