February 5, 2011

Guys Gift Guide

It's tough to get a good gift for your guy so I asked a few of my guy friends what a perfect Valentines gift would be and compiled this list for your viewing pleasure! Initially this was supposed to be a gift guide of material things but the answers I got from the wonderful men in my life SHOCKED me so I'm just going to let you read what they had to say.

"Something from the both of us" -Sean

After his initial response we talked for a while and clairified his answer (I knew what he meant right away but he's also one of my best friends so I want to make sure you're all on the same page for this one). He said something that meant something to both of them would be a great gift. When I pressed him for examples he said a photo album of something they did together or a love letter would be the best gift. Sweet right?

"Valentines day is NOT a day for the guy. It's a day for the guy to make the girl feel like she is the best girl in the world. The best gift she could give me is some sort of affirmation that I did a good job making her feel special that day." -Aaron

"Something heartfelt. Something that was made rather than bought." -Ryan

"The sexy factor is always a good gift. I also really like it when a girl gives me cologne. It's a good thing when a girl finds a scent they find sexy and want me to wear it. You could also always give me a coupon book for sexual favors." -Stephen

"It may sound cheesy, but the truth is time. Just time with my fiancee. That's the best thing I could get" -Chris K.

"I haven't had that many valentines days but the best gift would probably just be spending time with my girl. A nice meal and some candy would be good too, but really time is the best gift." -Cody

"I'm not sure, car parts or drum stuff? I'd love to get something that I'm passionate about" -Ben

"Something more personal like quality time. It's hard to spend quality time with your significant other because life is so busy so that would be the perfect gift." -Ian

"I'm not big on gifts, but a steak dinner would be great" -Jon

Some of these lovely men are on the market ladies! And they say all the good ones are taken ;).

I contacted a few other people but they didn't get back to me quick enough to make it into this post. Would you be interested in an extension of this post later in the week? Let me know :).


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kirsten @ studs and pearls

This is really cute...I especially like Ryan's answer, about something handmade instead of something that was purchased. I'm all about making gifts!


this was so helpful! more please :)

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