February 4, 2011

Fashion Friday; Dresses that You'll Love

If you know me (or have been following for a while) you know I almost exclusively wear dresses and skirts. Not that I'm opposed to pants or anything... I just think that dresses are so much more fun :). For your first fashion day in the 28 days of love series, I thought I would share some dresses that would look GREAT on Valentines day. Or really any day... I have a few different price points to match everyone's budget.

Under $50
Bleubird Vintage

Forever 21


Under $100
Krista K

Only in my Dreams
Philanthropist Boutique
Pixie Market
Neiman Marcus

Enjoy!! Next week I'll show you my favorite lingerie :).

3 notes:


The UO and the Forever 21 dresses are my favorite!
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These are all such cute dresses. I really like the striped + roses one from UO, and the first one from bluebird vintage. Great picks.

xox Courtney Michele

ilene @ muchloveilly

ooooh malori, these are some sweet picks! love the modcloth and the bleubird vintage ones!

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