February 1, 2011

Heart Warming Recipe Roundup

Due to this crazy blizzard, I thought I'd share some heart warming recipes with you. The first (and only) thing I want to do when I see all of this snow is make myself a huge cup of hot cocoa and sit in my windowsill to watch the snow come down. The following are some recipes for this tasty chocolate beverage that I think look delicious!

Aztec Hot Chocolate

Mint Hot Chocolate
Snow Flake Hot Cocoa
Maple Hot Chocolate
Fluffy Hot Chocolate

I was supposed to be at work until 7 at night but we closed early due to this crazy snow!! I was so excited to be able to come home and put on some comfy pants. Tonight is going to be dedicated to reading, cooking, and working out. I'll also probably spend some time watching The Cooking Channel because it's my new favorite channel :).

Sadly, my head seems to be throbbing so I'm off to lay down.


5 notes:


Mmh...that hot chocolate looks delish!!


this so put me in the mood for hot cocoa!

The Wrong Girl

mmm nice. I'm gonna make a vegan maple hot cocoa:)


Ooh, I'm so in love with hot cocoa! Thanks for all these great new recipes. My usual creme de menthe was getting old.

Alison Fay

I love that the last recipe is called "fluffy" hot chocolate. Fantastic. I'm off to make some of my own, right now.

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