March 18, 2011

Sponsored Giveaway: Studs and Pearls

I'm really excited to bring you a giveaway today from Kirsten of Studs and Pearls. If you aren't already familiar with you, you should be. She makes amazing things out of affordable, everyday objects. She's like the DIY queen...

One of the most popular DIY's at S&P is the Braided Chain Bracelet ( Months later and I'm STILL getting pictures from ladies around the world who have made their own Braided Chain Bracelet. Inspired by a designer $385 piece, this bracelet is really cute, and really easy to make. The winner of this giveaway will not only get one of the bracelets I made for the S&P DIY - but the supplies to start you off, so that you can make your own Braided Chain Bracelet. All you'll need is the remaining supplies (clear nailpolish and jewelry pliers). And of course, when you make your very own Braided Chain Bracelet, I'd LOVE to see a picture!

xo, Kirsten at S&P

GREAT giveaway, am I right or am I right? Here's how you enter:

1) Go to Kirsten's blog and comment below telling me your favorite DIY
2) Blog/tweet about this for one extra entry each

You must leave each entry in a separate comment otherwise it'll only be counted once! Also, leave a way for me to contact you. I've had to pass by winners in the past because I had no way of telling them about their win. Don't let that be you!!!!!

Thanks so much Kirsten :).

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