March 21, 2011

Weekend Update

You may have noticed that I haven't posted on Saturday for the past few weeks. I decided that blogging every day of the week is a little bit too much and that I should give myself a day off and I've been pretty happy about that choice so far. Since I won't really be here on the weekends anymore, I wanted to put up a new feature inspired by SNL--my Weekend Update!!

Photo 1176

I spent the day with my mama bear at the art institute (that day will get its own post. Don't panic!

Ate a delicious breakfast, tiny lunch, and deep dish dinner.

Woke up early and went to work in the coal mines. Okay maybe I don't work in the coal mines. But I did go to work.
Photo 1174
(What I wore to work)

I finished up a paper for a midterm that was due this afternoon (homework due over spring break!? That's just cruel...)

Woke up with the sun and snagged some breakfast with my family before they all went home (mama bear to Arizona, Grandma & my aunt/cousins back to Ohio).

Tried to make a bow tie (this gets its own post too!)

Watched three hours of Dexter.

What did you all do with your weekends?

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Oh man Malori! your hair is really to die for! I love how long it is getting (I am trying to grow mine out too!) Any tips?


Ohh stop that I'm blushing over here. As silly as it sounds, just don't touch it. I haven't colored my hair since Thanksgiving and I haven't cut anything except for my bangs since last August. I don't think color really makes much of a difference but avoiding any sort of a cut is really helpful. A lot of people tell you to get it trimmed every 6 weeks or whatever so it can grow faster. I think that's silly, just let it do its thing!

Thanks for the sweet comment :). You made my day!


Sounds like a lovely weekend! I love waffles :)


Awesome! Thanks for getting back to me-I haven't cut my hair since October (though It was QUITE short when I had it cut) I too am only cutting my bangs but it's great to know that I am on the right path to hair as awesome as yours.
(It really is THAT lovely!)

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