March 22, 2011

Secondhand Loot


Wayyy back in February, when I visited my friends in Indiana I mentioned briefly that I scored big at a thrift store. I also mentioned that I was going to post about all of the things I bought for a grand total of THREE DOLLARS (and fifteen cents). I never got around to it because school picked up and I stopped having time for anything extra. But since it's spring break I'm determined to catch back up and share a bit. So here are way too many pictures and a little description of my thriftstore booty.

A cutee pair of red snakeskin heels

A TON of vintage sewing patterns

Three extraordinarily ugly button-down shirts (they'll be bow ties soon...)

A set of yellow striped vintage sheets (that would be the background for all of these photos)

And two free coats. Yes... free.

Not too shabby, right? Gotta love small town bargains :)


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Angie - SewIThought

Thrifting is like the best way to pick up older patterns on the cheap! Looks like you scored some good stuff!

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